lacy (nowayout) wrote in hgforever,

yuuup its offical

so yeah, its offcial, adam did decide to leave the band... although im still not completely sure as to why exactly. its been rumored for quite a while now, either that hg was breaking up all together or that adam was leaving the band to pursue his "new" band new years day. however, it was not confirmed until a little less than a week ago. but see the weird thing to me is, i personally have talked to adam on several occasions and hes always cleared the situation by saying new years day was just a side project, and that he in no way had plans of quitting the band. so who knows. this friday i am going to see new years day with over it!, so i suppose ill find out exactly what, and why then. but yeah, needless to say i am intrigued. hg has been my favorite band for almost nine years strong now, and considering at this point john is the only original remaining member, as far as i am concerned, i think the end of our dearest home grown is just around the corner, seeing as they will NEVER be the same, from here on out. however, i do wish them all the best of luck in future endeavors. and if you havent heard new years day, you should most definitely check them out.
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